About Us

timelapse photo of man holding burger


Bruce “Big Baby” Harvey, founder of Food Exchange Restaurant, was a resident of the Central Eastside Detroit neighborhood and noticed there were very limited restaurants that were quickly accessible for the community that provided fresh and fabulous food.  In 1999, Food Exchange Restaurant was created to bridge the “quick, quality, yet homestyle” gap that existed.

Bruce believed after a hard day’s work a person should have the opportunity to purchase a fresh meal like what they would make at home. First introducing 12 oz burgers that are still today delivered daily, hand-packed and made up of 100% ground chuck, fresh, never frozen and cooked to order to now serving comfort food like salmon and rice, turkey chops, smothered potatoes and more.

After over 20 years you can still find Bruce cooking and satisfying appetites. You cannot expect a fast meal at the Food Exchange because not only was the restaurant created especially for you but the meals are too. 

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